New Social Media Project Encourages Farmers to Share How They Are #ProtectingWater

In an effort to promote the work that Ohio farmers are doing to protect water quality, Ohio Corn & Wheat and the Ohio Soybean Council are inviting all farmers to participate in a #ProtectingWater social media project.

“It’s time to change the conversation about water in Ohio and really show what farmers are doing on their farms to protect water quality,” said Chad Kemp, Preble County farmer and president of the Ohio Corn & Wheat Growers Association. “From soil testing to precision application, the public needs to see how we are continuously improving our practices to reduce environmental impact and raise a bountiful crop.”

To join the project, farmers are asked to take and share photos of their efforts to protect water quality on their farms. Photo ideas include but are not limited to: buffer strips, cover crops, soil sampling, research equipment, and conservation nutrient management plans. Photos can be posted on any social media platform with the hashtag: #ProtectingWater.

“Much of the public is unfamiliar with our practices and the reasoning behind our practices,” said Terry McClure, Paulding Country farmer and chairman of the Ohio Soybean Council. “By simply posting a photo we can tell our story and help people identify the many ways farmers are protecting water.”

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